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 I'm back with another simply-but super sassy- thing here 

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All things Harry Potter  Q&A ( POTTERHEAD )

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1. if you were at Hogwarts what would be your favourite class?

-definitely charms or defence against the dark arts

2. which HP movie is your favourite ? 

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- prisoner of Azkaban

3. who do you fancy the most of the character ?

- I literally a.d.o.r.e Sirius Black

4. what ilvermony house are you? 

- to you , who don't know what ilvermony is , it is an american version of Hogwarts houses :) 
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 I'm in  Thunderbird ( according to 1000000 quiz I did)- I prefer to be sorrounded by adventures and those of strong character and heart 

5. butterbeer od pumpkin juice ?

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6. would you be able to see thestrals? 

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- yes (you will be able to see thestrals just when you saw death)

7. if you could invent your own house , what would it be called, what would it's colours be and animal? 

- it would be probably called wolffang , it would sound good in all the houses ( ravenclaw , hufflepuff, wolffang , gryffindor, slytherin) 
- black and grey (maybe silver)whith white wolf on it 
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8. what would your patronus be? 

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- wolf , of course

9. which character has the same personality as you ? 

- belive me or not : Harry ,we both are stubborn, we don't listen teh authority but love our friends and family

10. would you put your name in a Goblet of fire?

-no , no , no , hell no :D

11. what would be the smell of your amortentia? 

- I really love the smell of coffee and chocolate and the smell of the nature after rain and a new book ; so this would be probably the smell of my amortentia 

12. would you play quidditch / in which position ? 

-I would be a keeper 

13. if you had the chance to go to Hogwarts and live in the wizarding world, but you coud never come back to the life you are living now , would you go? 

- absolutely ,100% still go , our world is boring

14. would you want to speak parseltongue? 

- of course, it must be the best thing ever to speak to all animal ,not just to a snake !

15. which of the hollows would you  most like to possess / why?

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- cloak of invisibility - I thing it would be useful and also super dangerous 

have a nice day and let me know in the comments what would be your own house in Hogwarts . :) 


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  1. Ja som bola vzhľadom na všetky tie quizy zaradená do Hufflepuff / Pukwudgie.♥ A napokon som so svojim zaradením aj spokojná, myslím, že práve tam sa hodím najviac i keď zo začiatku som s tým nebola celkom zmierená.

    1. mňa všetky quizy zaradili do griffindoru , ja som ani inú možnosť nemala . :) vo všetkom sa nájde niečo dobré. A hufflepuff sa na teba aj hodí ♥


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