Hello Everybody ! 

It's been a while when I wrote something here , on my imaginary pages of my social life.

Last few months , I've been trying to do something for others and also for my inner peace. 

I enjoyed being part of protest against cruelty in circuses in my kind of hometown, better said school 

town (?) , being part of people who were running through the colors. 

I found myself more in yoga , in running , in drawing my shitty but great stuff , did some new tattoes.

I read really great books , such as the most popular in teenage world( where I 'm - technically - not a 

part of anymore ) 13 reasons why , Virgina Woolf and her Orlando , which is badass book , really 

recomend !  Some books that I found just because my friesds are stalking the bookstores ( thank you 

bithces ♥ )  like Vongozero from Jana  Vagnerová ( I'm not sure if this book is avilable also in 


I was in Budapest from my college but I found this city realy inspiring and architecture just ripped 

my heart from my chest and took it.  

Let me introduce some moving parts of this fucking beautiful city :

 New great music that is mostly some classical music , you know , or I think maybe not that I'm a 

flute player , so whatever . Music is my life in some point.  

I just want to greet you , write some beautiful words for you , share some photos that are not  edited

 at all but I think you'll like it . 

The last thing I've got for you todaaaay is one of my favourite page on instagram and that was the 

idea one special  czech girl  and  the page spread awareness of selflove , that is in these days really 

important !  

here is the link : #zanormalniholky

love you and have a nice day . Tessa 


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